Past Events

Accessing the Intersections, 2011-2013
In 2011, DSI members raised nearly $25,000 to sponsor Accessing the Intersections, a speaker series that convenes cutting-edge voices from the worlds of disability studies and disability activism to address the intersections of dis/ability with race, gender, sexuality, and nationhood. With the generous support of dozens of other campus programs and departments and the invaluable help of project assistants Ariel Eisenberg and Katie Fox, the DSI brought over a dozen leading figures in Disability Studies to speak and meet with faculty, staff, students, and community members.


Nirmala Erevelles | April 2013

Epistemologies of Ignorance and the Political Anatomy of Disability in Transnational Contexts.

Liat Ben-Moshe | March 2013

Deinstitutionalization, In/Carceration, and the Politics of Aboliton

Listen to Liat’s interview with Karma Chávez on WORT’s “Public Affair”


David Serlin | February 2013

Learning at Your Fingertips: Disability, Pedagogy, and Tactile Modernity in the Early Twentieth Century


Kim Nielsen | November 2012

A Disability History of the US; or, what I Learned from Reading My Own Book.


Eli Clare | October 2012

“Listening to the Freaks: A History of Circus Tends and Everyday Gawking”


Carrie Sandahl and Riva Lehrer | April 2012

“Story Problems: The Terror of Speaking for Our People”


Alison Kafer | April 2012

Practicing Feminist / Queer / Crip


Susan Burch | April 2012

Dislocated Pasts: Removals, Asylums, and Community in American History


Benjamin Reiss | March 2012

Sleeping at Walden Pond: Thoreau, Abnormal Temporality, and the Modern Body


Jim Ferris | December 2011

Reading from Slouching Toward Guantanamo and Beauty is a Verb


Leslie Swartz | November 2011

The Politics of Engagement of the Academy in Disability Studies in Southern Africa


Cynthia Wu | October 2011

New Directions in Asian-American Studies: Chang and Eng Bunker’s Descendants and the Invention of Kinship