Centering Resistance: Imaginings of a New Feminist Future

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Co-Convened by UW System Women’s and Gender Studies Consortium and UW System Gender and Women’s Studies Librarian

Fully Virtual Event

This year’s theme rests on an urgent line of inquiry: What has the pandemic revealed about the type of world we need to rebuild and reconstruct to foster a new feminist future(s)? What have recent local, national, and global events taught us about empathy, inclusion, and justice as we grapple with the present but turn a hopeful gaze toward the future? As we pause to consider “Centering Resistance: Imaginings of a New Feminist Future,” we invite proposals that foreground an intersectional-feminist lens to map out inclusive societal structures, equitable institutional frameworks, cross-movement solidarities, and radical reimaginings of the future. We invite scholars, students, activists, artists, civil society leaders, and all members of the community to reflect on lessons learned and hopes for the future. How has the pandemic exposed and exacerbated existing systemic inequalities and everyday barriers? What possibilities have emerged from these same moments for reconceiving what is possible and necessary for the collective good? Which movements for justice already have the tools for mapping these responses? Proposals that foreground Black, Asian, Latinx, and Indigenous experiences alongside other axes of social identity are strongly encouraged.

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